Tunneling uTorrent through SSH on Windows

Firstly download Putty: http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty.exe

Open your putty client and input the SSH tunnelling server IP address and, if needed, port of the server.


On the left side navigate to Connection -> SSH ->Tunnels


Select “Source port” field and write a random port in it (1024-65535, but I personally recommend using a port in the 30000-40000 range). Note it down for future use.

Check “Dynamic” and after that click the “Add” button.

Configuration should look like this now.


Now navigate back the the “Session” category (might need to scroll left side up a little bit).


Write a session name in the “Saved sessions” field, for example, “ssh tunnel” and click “Save”.

ssht4 ssht5

To open SSH tunnel click “Open” and input your username and password, after that you can minimize your putty window.

The next time you launch Putty you can just double click on the saved “Session” name. It will ask you for a username and password and then the SSH tunnel will be activated.

uTorrent configuration

Open up uTorrent and go to Options–>Preferences


Navigate to “Connection”.


Just under “Proxy Server” sign navigate to “Type” and select “Socks5”. In the “Proxy” field input “localhost” and in the “Port” field input the port you used for SSH Tunnel.

Tick “Use proxy for hostname lookups” and “Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections”.


After everything is set click “Apply” and restart uTorrent.

Congratulations. Your uTorrent traffic is now being routed through your SSH tunnel.

Few things to take into account:

  • SSH Tunnel will affect your download speed.
  • There might be problems with peers connecting to you.
  • It will work only while you have connected to the SSH server using Putty.
  • HTTPS torrent trackers tend not to work.


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